it takes more than work ethic to birth and breath life into a vision and this circle of persons work to make this hybrid business move

[ janneman_van_niekerk ]

Janneman van Niekerk is a family man and entrepreneur; he has fought long and hard,sweat and tears to build Africa Funders. Now If that doesn’t inspire you,then i don’t know what will my friend. Mr. Niekerk is a former university economics student, who has been consistently in business for 10 years.

He has eagerly pursued the idea of starting this fintech company to help evolve the way business is conducted in Africa. The idea was conceived after realizing a dire need for funding in different sectors of the economy. From this realization Janneman proceeded to fund one deal himself, then from there the idea mushroomed, The idea is to basically connect entrepreneurs and their business deals to a crowd of people(Funders/Crowd) who would  fund their ideas and deals for a return on investment.

Through the leadership of Janneman, Africa Funders isn’t only setting the standard for fintech Crowd Funding in the continent ,AF will be the standard in the not so far future.

On a lighter note the team refers to him as “The Deal Machine” if there was a language called deals,we suspect Janneman would speak it fluently!

[ victor_fincham ]

Victor is the encyclopedia and GPS of the company. He is in charge of everything and everybody .Vic, as affectionately known and addressed by the team, makes sure that everyone is doing their job, deals are funded, information is captured correctly, money is banked appropriately, and that the cherry is on top of the cake! He is the,” method man” in the team, this is what we have to do and how.

He is literally a calm and cool leader, always composed(well..most of the time) , and eager to do all it takes to move the team forward, contribute to successful deals, move businesses and Funders a step closer to success.

Vic is also a race car fanatic; he races for Supersport  Race competitions over the weekends, that’s a handful of character without a doubt.

[ arnold_chiweda ]

This is the guy who wonders where the rest of us were when he went to school. He is our computer whiz, the magic wand of the brand. Creates the feel of the brand for our stakeholders. He is an all rounded professional and individual, and can sell snow to an eskimo. Arnold is a versatile professional, self-reliant, resourceful and has a natural flair for graphics, electronics, and marketing.

He has 13 years experience in Marketing and Tech ,Ok did we mention he has THIRTEEN YEARS! Arnold always challenges himself to produce exceptional work that leaves everyone motivated and impressed.

[ jan_van_niekerk ]

Jan carries a wealth of wisdom in the organization with this his vast experience in the Finance industry, He is in charge of all matters concerning procurement, and ensuring that all dealings have the necessary credit limits. In addition to that Jan, works closely with Mompati to identify any loopholes or suspicious flags in a deal. Talk about being an all-rounder asset!

[ mompati_seakolo ]

This guy is the “bouncer” of the deals in the organization. He ensures that our Funders, inject finance into legitimate dealings, and that their money is requested from valid Organizations, and sourced for confirmed business dealings. He basically keeps the “fly by nights” at bay.

Mompati is an Africa Funders Oak; he has been there from the genesis, and treats the company like his own baby. He is street smart and incredibly exceptional with matters pertaining to detail, which are crucial characteristics in our line of business.

[ thabiso_moube ]

Thabiso  ensures that deals are safely banked to the rightful people and that all banking related procedures,and company policies are adhered to.All reimbursement policies are followed accordingly.This is such a match to Thabiso’s character.He is the kind of gentleman,who opens doors for ladies,doesn’t miss church service,eats a balanced get the drift? He is a man of integrity and principle,and contributes exactly that to the team.